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Introduction to Pilates with Katya Kinski

​​Whether you want to work out at home, during your lunch break or otherwise, Pilates with Katya Kinski is always ready for you to enjoy.

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Why Join Pilates with Katya Kinski

Read below to find out why Pilates with Katya Kinski is the best option for Intermediate to Advanced Online Pilates training.

Work out in the comfort of your Home

​​Whether you want to work out at home, during your lunch break or otherwise, Pilates with Katya Kinski is always ready for you to enjoy.

Nearly 30 Professional videos and growing

The varied and fun, full-body workouts are 40 to 50 min long and are designed for intermediate to advanced clients who understand the Pilates technique and are able to exercise independently. (As with any exercise, Medical advice is recommended if you have painful conditions).

The other video offerings include popular courses: Better posture at your desk (office-friendly exercises to reduce back and neck pain), Pilates during Pregnancy course (all stages of pregnancy), Advanced Pilates Exercises (instructor training manual).

What are people saying

A physiotherapist recommended not just Pilates, but Katya Kinski specifically, for my constant back pain and stiff neck. Katya’s exercise videos kept me sane and strong throughout Covid. I have continued the videos as they allow me to exercise yet manage work and family. I have absolute faith in Katya’s expertise and professionalism and I love her wonderful humour, kindness and generous spirit. She is so knowledgeable and experienced and works very hard to ensure we gain from both balance and variety. These videos are a monthly must-have for me - and always will be. I am most grateful and appreciate every well-spent hour with her. 

Stefani Safari - Brand Consultant

I have been enjoying Katya’s video workouts since the beginning of lockdown. I find that they are brilliant for core strength and overall fitness, and complement running, helping me to avoid injury. Katya mixes very clear instruction with a good dose of Russian humour, making the videos easy to follow and enjoyable. You can pause/rewind the videos to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. While lockdown has lifted, I still love the fact that I can fit the workouts in at a time that is most convenient, and as regularly as I fancy. I can highly recommend Katya Kinski Online videos!


Daniella Bergman - Business Woman

With my irregular schedule, the possibility to train when and where I want is of huge value. I travel regularly to Europe and Katya Kinski Online Videos are accompanying me whenever I go.  After 3 years of intense private and group training with Katya, I feel well equipped to train on my own knowing that she keeps an eye on me even through her video classes, pointing the finger where I need it….Pilates gave me the strength and equipped me to be an active trail runner at 62.

Franziska Aebi - Guest House Owner


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Pilates with Katya Kinski


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Meet Katya Kinski

Katya Kinski is a well-recognized Pilates expert with over 20 years of experience. She specialises in postural issues, corporate wellness and athletic performance programs.

Ms Kinski is a founder of the Pilates Academy SA, which provides certified Pilates instructor training to medical and healthcare practitioners. The courses are CPD accredited by Stellenbosch University.

Ms Kinski performed all over the world and was a principal dancer at the Cape Town City Ballet.

Katya’s career in Pilates started in 2001, after she completed a comprehensive 10-month training program with the Canadian Stott master trainer, Miriane Braaf-Taylor. She is certified with Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®)

Her vast experience has earned her the reputation of being a superb Pilates teacher, who uses her formidable demonstration abilities, sense of humour and motivational techniques to inspire her clients and students.

Katya is excited about the new digital chapter in her Pilates explorations.

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